Free or paid parking?

The vast majority of parking spaces in any city in Montenegro are free. These are courtyards, parking lots for hotels and villas, roadsides, special parking pockets along roads and unequipped areas. You can park your car for free in any place where it will not violate standard traffic rules and where there is no paid parking sign.

Local residents often park their cars en masse in violation of traffic rules. For example, blocking one of the two lanes for traffic in lanes, or leaving the car on the side of the road immediately under a sign prohibiting parking. The fact is that, in addition to the usual traffic rules, there are unspoken rules in Montenegrin cities.

For example, in winter, when there are few tourists, in resort towns, locals park under prohibitory signs, and the police turn a blind eye to this. This is due to the fact that in winter road traffic is weak, there are few pedestrians and such spontaneous parking does not bother anyone. However, with the onset of the season, the requirements become more stringent. Local residents can find out in advance about the time of tightening the rules and suddenly stop parking cars where it is prohibited. Or tow trucks can drag a couple of dozen cars from one street in just 20-30 minutes. So don't follow the example of local drivers. Observe traffic rules at all times.

In any city, the closer to attractions or to the city center, the less free parking and the higher the price of paid places. But remember that free parking spaces can be found in any city within a 10-15 minute walk from the attraction.

Paid parking in Montenegro

Paid parking lots in Montenegro are of two types: parking with a barrier (special areas, the entrance and exit from which is blocked by an automatic barrier) and parking along the streets (a marked roadside with a parking meter on the sidewalk).

There are more parking lots with a barrier, the duration of parking on them is not limited, and the price is 30-50% higher than in parking lots along the streets. Paid parking along the streets in Montenegro is usually in the minority, the maximum parking is usually 2 hours, the price is lower. If there are often free spaces in a parking lot with a barrier, then it is always a problem to find a free space in parking lots along the streets.

The prices of paid parking in Montenegro depend on the proximity to attractions and the time of year. In-flight prices range from 0.50 € to 2 € per hour. In winter, prices are almost 2 times lower, but not less than 0.50 € / hour.

Paid parking with a barrier

These are special areas or underground parking lots, the entry and exit of which are limited by barriers. At the entrance, a digital board is often installed, on which the number of free parking spaces is written. When entering the parking lot, the driver drives up to the vehicle near the entrance barrier and presses the button. The machine issues a check indicating the time of entry. The entrance barrier opens and the car is parked. At the end of the time, the car drives up to the booth near the exit barrier. The driver gives the operator a check, he says the cost for the hours passed. After payment, the operator opens the barrier and the car leaves the parking lot.

Prices for such parking lots, as a rule, are indicated on a special board at the entrance or directly on a device with a button near the entrance barrier. The minimum paid parking period is 1 hour. Even if you stood in the parking lot for 1 hour and 1 minute, you will have to pay for two hours. The operator's control is automated, and he simply cannot give indulgences. Losing your entry check is punishable by a fine of € 10 to € 30, so don't lose it.

Paid parking along the streets

These parking lots are located near popular attractions or in the city center. These are ordinary streets, at the beginning of which a paid parking sign is installed. Parking spaces are necessarily clearly lined and all cars are parked strictly according to the markings.

In some cities (for example, in Podgorica and Herceg Novi), parking lots along the streets are divided into zones. They vary in price: the red zone is the most expensive, the yellow one is cheaper and the green one is the cheapest. The closer the street is to the city center, the higher the price of an hour. In this case, under the sign of paid parking, there is a plate of the color of the zone, which indicates the price of an hour and instructions for payment.

How to pay

You can pay for this parking in two ways. You can send an SMS from a local mobile number (it is impossible to do this from a foreign number) or pay using a parking meter.

Instructions for payment via SMS are necessarily provided immediately under the sign of paid parking. As a rule, you need to send a message to a special short number with a text containing the registration number of the parked car without spaces. The price of an SMS is equal to the cost of an hour of parking. In response, you will receive a message indicating the end of the paid time. A few minutes before the end, you will receive a message reminding you that the paid time is coming to an end. You can either leave the parking lot, or pay again according to the same scheme and extend the time. All messages come in the Montenegrin language, but in general they are understandable to a Russian-speaking person.

The minimum paid parking period is 1 hour. Even if you parked for 10 minutes, you will have to pay for an entire hour. In parking lots along the streets, as a rule, you can park for a limited time, no more than 60-180 minutes. In addition, in some areas you can park your car for free on Sundays and outside office hours (from 9 pm to 7 am). The exact conditions for each zone are written in the instructions on the plate under the paid parking sign.

Payment by SMS is very convenient, because you can extend the parking time without going back to your car.

If there is no instruction for payment via SMS under the sign of paid parking, then you can pay for parking in this place only through a parking meter. For example, in Budva you can pay only through parking meters. With a parking meter, everything is easier. You will need a change, coins, in denominations of 10 cents to 2 euros. The price of an hour is indicated on the screen of the parking meter or next to the screen. Pay with coins for as many minutes as you need. Here you can pay for a period of less than an hour, depending on the denomination of the coins that you have. The device does not give change. Then press the green button. The parking meter will give you a check, which will indicate in large numbers the time until which you have paid for parking. You must put this check under the windshield of your car so that the controller can see the time on the check.

If you want to extend the parking time, you will have to go back to the parking meter, get a new receipt and put it under the windshield as well.

Supervisors often walk along the street parking lots. They either walk with a smartphone and check each car, whether they have paid for parking via SMS, or they just look at the time on a check under the windshield. If the car is delayed after the paid time for more than 10-15 minutes, the controller will either call a tow truck, or write out a fine and leave it under the janitor.

Parking penalty

The amount of the fine for incorrect parking in Montenegro is different in each city. The final amount of the fine depends on the circumstances. Parking in the wrong place and violation of the rules of paid parking, loading a car on a tow truck, transporting a car from a parking place to a parking lot, storing a car in a parking lot every day are charged separately. Each of these items has its own price and differs from city to city. The lowest total cost of incorrect parking in Herceg Novi — from 15 euros. The most expensive wrong parking in Budva — from 160 euros.

Do I need to pay a parking ticket in Montenegro

If the car was evacuated, then everything is clear. It is impossible to pick up the car without paying the fine. The procedure for paying the fine differs from city to city. Either you can pay the fine right in the booth at the car parking lot, or you have to go to the nearest bank or post office and pay the receipts there. As a rule, the employees of the parking lot explain everything intelligibly and even help with filling out the documents.

By the way, in the same place you can ask a question about the legality of the evacuation if you do not agree with the actions of the police. Usually, employees give explanations for each case in a clear manner and with excerpts from the law. This is not their responsibility, so if the employee is busy, then he can leave this request unsatisfied. Treat him with understanding. In general, in Montenegro, the police know exactly when to evacuate a car and when not. And they will evacuate only if they are 100% right. But with the fine that was written out on the car and left under the «wiper» on the windshield, everything is not so obvious. For cars with Montenegrin registration, each fine on the car is recorded in a single police database. And if there are unpaid fines, then it is impossible to renew the annual car registration. Therefore, if you rented a car in Montenegro and you received such a fine, then give this paper to the manager of the rental company along with the money that needs to be paid as a fine. According to the terms of the lease, all fines are the responsibility of the renter. The manager will pay the fine for you.

If the renter has lost the statement of the fine, then upon receipt of the annual registration, the rental company will learn about the existence of the fine, pay this fine on its own and issue an invoice by mail to the client who rented the car on the day the fine was issued. If the bill is not paid, the car rental company has the right to take legal action in Montenegro. And at the next visit of the debtor tenant to Montenegro, the bailiffs will be able to meet the person already at the airport upon arrival. So be attentive to all the pieces of paper that you find on the windshield in parking lots.

Parking in Budva

Parking price in Budva: 1.00 € — 2.40 € per hour.

Paid parking lots with barriers are more common in Budva. There are only two streets with paid parking via a parking meter. They are located closest to the waterfront. At the beginning of such streets there are corresponding signs, and parking meters are located right there on the sidewalks.

Parking violators are evacuated to an impoundment site near the main post office building. Tow trucks in summer scurry around the city all the time, so that the car can be carried away even 15 minutes after you parked it in the wrong place.

There are many free places. All of them are located at some distance from tourist sites. Most often, you can park for free on the side of the streets or in the private parking lots of hotels and some villas.

In other cities of the Budva Riviera — Becici, Rafailovici, Przhno, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac — there are either no paid parking lots, or it is alone and with a barrier. All other parking spaces are free. But there is a struggle for every free space, so be on the lookout and do not violate traffic rules when parking.

Parking in Bar

Parking price in Bar: 0.50 € — 1.00 € per hour.

Everything is fine in the Parking Bar. This city was massively built up in the XX century and taking into account the availability of private cars among residents. So there is a parking lot in front of each building. Almost all parking in Bar is free. There are paid ones only in the very center near the shopping center and on the embankment near the port. These are paid parking lots with a barrier.

But in Shushan (a suburb of Bar) there is a problem with parking. There are very few places for cars along the streets. Therefore, parking should be either on the territory of the villa, or you will have to park your car at the very bottom of the village, on the embankment, and walk uphill to the villa. Check with the owner of the apartment about the availability of parking very meticulously.

Parking in Tivat

Parking price in Tivat: 0.50 € — 2.00 € per hour.

Parking price at Tivat airport: 0.80 € per hour.

There are no paid parking lots along the streets in Tivat yet. But there are many signs prohibiting parking. Local residents in many places park in violation. But do not take an example from them (read about this above). There are paid parking lots with a barrier in the Porto Monténegro complex and near the waterfront.

In city paid parking lots the price per hour is about 0.50 €. But in Porto Montenegro, an hour can cost up to 2.00 €.

Tivat Airport has the only parking under the barrier. The price of an hour on it is 0.80 €. It is in this parking lot that the collection and return of rental cars at Tivat Airport takes place.

There is no free parking at the airport at all. You can only drop passengers in front of the airport building without turning off the engine.

Parking in Kotor

Parking price in Kotor: 0.80 € — 1.20 € per hour.

There are no paid parking lots in Kotor along the streets. But there are several parking lots under the barrier. Moreover, the number of places in such parking lots is always limited. You may need to queue up before entering a paid parking lot.

There are so few free parking spaces in Kotor that you can not count on them.

Parking in Herceg Novi

Parking price in Herceg Novi: 0.50 € — 1.00 € per hour.

Herceg Novi has the largest paid parking map along the streets and has almost no parking lots behind the barrier. In fact, all streets where a tourist might want to park are paid. Payment is made only via sms from a local number. There are almost no parking meters.

Violators are not evacuated, but a fine is issued and a receipt is left under the brushes on the windshield.

In general, Herceg Novi is, please, the most problematic city in terms of parking. The city is located on a mountainside and there are simply no free parking areas. If you are going to this city on vacation and plan to rent a car, then in advance, check with the hotel or apartment staff about parking. Most often there are no parking spaces or there are 4-6 parking spaces per hotel, which are always occupied.

Parking in Podgorica

Parking price in Podgorica: 0.40 € — 0.80 € per hour.

Parking price at Podgorica airport: 0.60 € per hour.

The main city of Montenegro is the most developed in terms of the organization of parking spaces. There are several paid parking lots under the barriers. On the map below, they are marked with signs «P» (playgrounds) and «G» (underground garages). But many more cars are parked in paid parking lots along the streets. The city is divided into zones:

green zone III — lightly congested streets, an hour costs € 0.40

yellow zone II — medium busy streets, an hour costs 0.50 €

red zone I — the busiest streets, an hour costs 0.60 €

You can pay for parking along the streets both at parking meters and via SMS from a local number.

You cannot find free parking in Podgorica in the city center. But outside of the busy areas of the city, you can park in courtyards, on roadsides and in free parking lots.

At Podgorica Airport, a paid parking lot with barriers is located right in front of the airport building. Price per hour 0.60 €. You can stop and even leave the car for 10-15 minutes in front of the building. But quite often there is a policeman and a tow truck on guard, who immediately takes away the cars left for a long time to the impoundment parking lot in the city. You can park your car for free at the entrance to the airport. To the left of the road, right before the entrance to the airport, there is an exit to an unpaved area under the trees. This site is located 5 minutes walk from the airport building.

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