IKEA in Japan starts renting apartments for less than $ 1 a month

In Tokyo, the Swedish company IKEA began renting apartments for $ 0.86 a month, the official website of the retailer in Japan writes. True, these apartments are only 10 m² in size.
The apartments are split-level, inside they have a mini-bedroom, a work area, a washing machine, a bed and even a bathroom.
Such apartments for rent in the Shinjuku area, Tokyo. The rent is still available only to members of the IKEA Family club and is equal to 99 yen per month, or about $ 0.86.
To advertise the apartments, IKEA Japan filmed a small mini-series about their homes, in which the protagonist is the real estate shark BLÅHAJ.

There are now 14 million inhabitants in Tokyo, so the demand for any real estate is very high. IKEA aims to show in this way that even tiny apartments can live well. They will be available for rent until January 15, 2023.

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