An image cannot be built without luxury brands

After the announcement of the Greek businessman Petros Statis, whose company manages the elite hotel complex Sveti Stefan, that it will close its business in Montenegro for this summer, numerous tourist representatives reacted. They believe that the image of a luxury destination cannot be built without luxury brands, and that it would be a great damage to our tourism.

When we want to describe the situation in a destination to the tourist and investment public all over Europe and the world, it is enough to say the name of the brand «Aman». Its presence is a symbol of top service and quality of offer, with maximum respect for the highest environmental standards. When we add the name of the planetarily unique city of the Sveti Stefan hotel to that description, we have described Montenegro. These days, two great symbols of past and present tourism are facing a great challenge, and the domestic and international public are waiting for the final answer as to whether «Aman» will look for a new destination and the Saint will be left without guests and workers.

«No one will analyze the weaknesses of the partners, the weaknesses of» Amana ", they will start from the analysis of what is happening in a destination that is no longer good for such a world brand," Ivo Armenko, former ambassador and tourism minister of Montenegro, told TVCG.

Representatives of other internationally known hotel chains are already amazed by this.

«The decision on a possible break in the business of» Aman «in Montenegro is surprising to me, and I hope that for about 350 employees the doors of the luxury brand will be reopened because there are few countries in the Mediterranean that could bring» Aman «or» One and Only «and» Regent ", in a small space, as Montenegro managed to do", points out Kai Dieckmann — «Regent — Porto Montenegro» — Tivat

The image of a luxury destination cannot be guarded without luxury brands, our neighbors agree.

«The departure of such a brand is a pity and I think that all involved parties, I emphasize, without entering into commercial relations and elements of commercial business, ie the contract, should do everything to keep» Aman «in the destination,» said Veljko Ostojic, president of the Croatian Hotel Association.

And why is that important?

«The destination should be perceived as a safe destination, in the long run. This is not like that and this does not talk about it, and I think that is a direct danger,» Armenko said.

Trusting the brand, in this case «Aman», tourists should also trust the destination, in this case Montenegro.

«Brands meet expectations, fulfill the promises of their guests, and that is why those guests who know the brand don't even ask too much, and they are not afraid of being welcomed in that facility, that is, the destination, because they trust the brand,» says Ostojic.

The same is confirmed by the representatives of other renowned hotel groups.

«It is a privilege that such a brand takes care of one of the most famous symbols of Montenegrin tourism, Sveti Stefan. We have always had excellent cooperation with» Aman ", and I am personally pleased to work with highly professional colleagues of" Aman «chain around the world,» he says. Dieckmann.

Inspired by the local landscape and culture, the brand currently has 32 resorts, hotels and private residences in unique locations around the world. The plan is to have 40 of them soon, and some of them, while we are arguing, could soon come to neighboring countries.

«It means a lot for the region, and it certainly means» Aman «in Montenegro, and it is a positive sign for Croatian tourism as well. I believe, and I hope, that» Aman «will soon happen in Croatia as well,» Ostojic added.

Since Montenegro chose «Aman», it should be respected.

«This story about 'Aman', if it is over, it is a great pity in my opinion, if it is not, then we should do everything not to spoil the position we have,» says Armenko.

According to all development documents, Montenegro is set as a destination that has the ambition to develop high, not mass tourism.

Svetlana Popović Vujotić, RTCG

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