By the end of 2022, 5G and in Montenegro

5G technology in Montenegro should be put into commercial operation by the end of next year, and it is necessary to create a stimulating environment and work further at all levels to ensure its full implementation.

This was announced at the panel discussion «5G in Montenegro: why are milliseconds important?», Organized by Crnogorski Telekom.

The director of the sector for digital transformation in Crnogorski Telekom, Dušan Banović, reminded that Crnogorski Telekom was the first in Montenegro to successfully test the 5G network in the so-called «real conditions» in Bijelo Polje and Berane.

«We have started, our goal is to educate the public with as many concrete examples as possible in order to remove all doubts that citizens have, on the other hand to present all the benefits and good things for society, which 5G will bring, and to point out that additional work at all levels to ensure the full application of 5G technology in the next 5, 10, 15 years », said Banović.

When it comes to the public's concern for health and the environment, he said that there is no scientific study that states that there may be a negative impact of 5G technology if it is applied according to clearly defined parameters.

The director of the Agency for Electronic Communications (EKIP), Darko Grgurović, pointed out that the right conditions for conducting the auction of pioneer bands for the implementation of 5G technology will be created in the second half of next year.

«Everything is aimed at the goal of putting 5G technology in Montenegro into commercial operation by the end of 2022. I consider the architecture and technical possibilities of 5G networks to be the most important benefit, ie the development of 5G services that should bring benefits and well-being to the entire society, if we use and use them well », explained Grgurović.

He believes that the best solution to reduce fear, when the issue may have a negative impact on health and the environment, is to have constant, clear communication with the public based solely on scientific facts.

«Boundary ranges have been set and if the instructions are followed, they can almost never be exceeded. There are many protection mechanisms in the standards for 5G technology, and looking from that aspect, it is the most secure network so far », said Grgurović.

Lack of experts needed by the ICT industry

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media, Marina Banović, stated that the drafting of the Digital Transformation Strategy 2022-2026 is in progress. and it is very important, as she said, that this Strategy and other documents be the property of those who use them.

«In that sense, we have formed working teams that include representatives of all relevant actors in society. Two thirds of the Strategy have been completed, strategic goals have been determined », said Banović.

In Montenegro, as she stated, there is a significant shortage of experts needed by the ICT industry, and it is estimated that there is a lack of 500 experts in this field.

«We are aware of the challenges. One by one, they have to deal with it and slowly go into the development of electronic services, the development of which itself is not so complex, when the preconditions are met. I hope that in the end we will have good results », said Banović.

The director of the technical and information technology sector at Hrvatski Telekom, Boris Drilo, said that after a year of implementation in that country, two million inhabitants were covered with a 5G signal.

“We gradually expanded our coverage, and we started first with the largest Croatian cities. When it comes to 5G technology, it is necessary to take a realistic approach. 5G will not solve all of humanity’s problems, but it needs to start and work with that technology. All the great things that are talked about within 5G will not come overnight and there will be a certain number of steps to reach the mature phase of 5G ", Drilo is clear.

He said that one of the bigger challenges is investing, because the introduction of 5G networks is not cheap, but very financially demanding.

“It is very important to create an enabling environment for 5G to be implemented. It is important that the state and the regulator participate in it to the maximum, and it is important for the operators to try to act in the direction of ecosystem development ", explained Drilo.

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