The summer season in Herceg Novi exceeded expectations

The summer tourist season in Herceg Novi exceeded all previously projected expectations, although there was less tourist traffic in relation to the total number of guests, said the President of the Herceg Novi Municipality, Stevan Katic.

He told the Mediabiro agency that about 34,000 registered tourists are currently staying in Herceg Novi, and that most guests are from the region, Poland, Hungary, and partly from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Austria.

Katic stated that the summer season exceeded all expectations that were projected in February and March.

«Then we said that we would be satisfied if the season was at some 50 percent from 2019, and now we are at a level of about 95 percent. According to the data we receive from Vodovod and the utility company, the consumption is higher than in 2019 », said Katic. He stated that he expects that the positive trend from 2019 will be by the end of August.

According to information they have from hoteliers, accommodation units have been issued to October.

«I hope that the summer tourist season will be extended, because all local governments on the coast have functioned with difficulty in the previous period,» said Katic.

Consumption, as he said, is lower compared to 2019 due to the structure of guests.

«There are fewer guests from Russia and Scandinavian countries, and they were our traditional guests.

The paying power of tourists has been reduced, so that we have 20 percent less tourist traffic than in 2019, and in relation to the number of guests », explained Katic.

As he added, they are already preparing for the next tourist season, and a lot of infrastructure projects are being done.

Hoteliers are very satisfied during the summer tourist season, and some of them think that this will be a record year. The owner of the hotel group Carina Iberostar, Cedo Popovic, said that everything was much better than they expected.

«We did not think that we would open all three hotels, but today every hotel is maximally filled. Occupancy is higher than in 2019 and these days we have overbooking », said Popovic.

Most guests are from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the surrounding area. «At least 50 percent of the guests are from the area, which has never been the case. We started with much lower prices.

As for non-board consumption, it is lower than in previous years, because the clientele is different », explained Popović. The director of the Lazure hotel, Stanka Karažija, said that they had room for maneuver in that hotel and to raise prices a bit due to high demand, but that they added some new offers for guests. She believes that, as things stand now, this will be a record year. «Attendance was about 95 percent compared to 2019.

If we talk about concrete incomes — they are better,» said Karazija. The director of the Play Hotel in Igalo, Radovan Ralević, said that this is a very fair season.

«The response is 20 percent lower compared to 2019, but we are still satisfied,» said Ralevic, adding that most guests are from the region.

Hotel Play is, due to the reduced paying power of guests due to the corona crisis, made a lot of promo packages and promotions.

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