Enrollment in kindergartens begins on May 26

Upis djece u predškolske javne ustanove u Crnoj Gori za školsku 2021/2022. godinu, počinje 26. maja, a trajaće 15 dana, saopšteno je iz Ministarstva prosvjete, nauke, culture I sporta.

Children previous 2020/2021. year attended preschool education programs will be considered enrolled from1. September 2021..

Due to the overall situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports appeals to parents to, for reasons of public health safety, enroll, if possible, electronically.

«Starting from May 26, the portal www.upisi.edu.me will be active for enrolling preschool children in nurseries and kindergartens. Apart from the electronic way, there is a possibility for the registration to be done directly in the institution », it is stated in the announcement.

Parents of children who enroll in the institution for the first time, or were expelled from the preschool institution, during the school year 2020/2021. The application for enrollment will be submitted electronically to the address www.upisi.edu.me.

«E-enrollment in kindergartens is done at the same address as enrollment in primary schools, and parents will be able to perform the procedure without waiting in lines and arriving at the institution. The portal will be available from May 26, 2021, at any time of the day or night », it is stated in the announcement.

As a rule, enrollment in preschool institutions lasts fifteen days.

«The registration procedure is carried out by entering the child's ID number, which withdraws a large amount of data, so there is no need for a birth certificate, but also with the confirmation of the centers for social work,» the statement reads.

Contracts on the stay and nutrition of children will be concluded at the beginning of the new school year.

Official source: www.rtcg.me

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