The first Under Armor shop opened in Montenegro

One of the world's most famous brands when it comes to top sports equipment, Under Armor, has arrived in Montenegro. The exclusive Under Armor store, located in the Delta City shopping center, was opened in an original way. As strength, energy and endurance are synonymous with this top sports brand, fitness coach Marko Vukotić and athlete Sladjana Pejović joined forces and cut the chain together, in order to officially open the first Under Armor shop in Montenegro.

Vukotić said that he was delighted to have the opportunity to find well-known, top-quality sports equipment in Montenegro from today, while Slađana Pejović pointed out that a few years ago she was a big fan of the Under Armor brand, which is her reliable ally in training and competitions.

In addition, numerous members of the sports community — fitness coaches, instructors, athletes and enthusiasts, as well as many representatives of Montenegrin public life, had the chance to be among the first to try out the latest Under Amorur models of sports footwear, clothing and equipment.

Jovica Perković, a well-known crossfit person from Podgorica, emphasized the importance of technology in training clothes, which, in addition to providing natural ventilation of the skin, wicks sweat and dries quickly, which is a great advantage in high effort and dynamics, which require crossfit exercises.

On the other hand, fitness instructor, Marijana Grdinić, mentioned the reliability, quality and flexibility of the Under Armor collection, as the top three reasons why she chooses this brand over the others.

On the occasion of the opening, Under Armor has prepared for all visitors and special discounts of 20% on the complete offer, until Thursday, August 12.

Under Armor is a brand that has lasted for almost three decades and is considered one of the most popular and most successful sports brands in the world. Today, Under Armor is focused on state-of-the-art production and design, with the goal of empowering athletes around the world, offering all training enthusiasts top-notch equipment and helping them to be even better and stronger, and set goals more achievable.

The latest collection is available in the Under Armor store, which you can find on the first floor of the Delta City shopping center in Podgorica. The general distributor of the Under Armor brand for the Balkans is the company Kvantum Sport UA.

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