The Government and the Municipality of Budva supported Sea Dance

With the support of the Government of Montenegro and the Municipality of Budva, the seventh edition of the Sea Dance Festival will be held from August 26 to 29, 2021, on the beach Buljarica in Budva, the Ministry of Economic Development announced.

As they stated, with the realization of this festival, Montenegro and the municipality of Budva become recognized as a destination for young people, who in the moments of reducing the pandemic are the first to decide to travel..

«Having in mind the number of foreign and domestic tourists who will visit Budva on that occasion, this event will have a positive effect on the overall tourist traffic, but also additionally promote Montenegro, as a responsible and safe destination.» In this regard, the organizers of the festival, the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Health will conduct a campaign, which promotes vaccination as the best response to combat the spread of coronavirus, «said in a statement.

The organizer of the Festival has also developed „Safe Events“ protocols, as a special mechanism of protection measures, so that in the pandemic and post-pandemic period it will be possible to organize larger format events..

»Only a few months ago, the organization of such an event was unthinkable, so this is another indicator of the efforts and concrete results that the Government is making to rehabilitate the epidemiological situation and create conditions for a successful tourist season," said Minister of Economic Development Jakov Milatovic..

The Mayor of the Municipality of Budva, Marko Carević, pointed out that Budva, despite the numerous efforts that the tourism industry is struggling with, managed to provide funds..

«In this way, we will enable the continuity of our tourism economy, in which festivals occupy a special place. We can freely say that the Sea Dance Festival has become a tradition of the tourist offer of Budva and we are very glad that our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the music spectacle this year as well », said Carević.

He added that he believes that the festival will attract not only guests from the region, but also from many countries around the world, which is very important for the recovery of the tourist economy.

«I take this opportunity to invite all those who are planning a summer vacation to visit Budva and our Riviera, enjoy our beaches, music and cultural festivals, as well as numerous other offers we have prepared, and we will do our best as good hosts to feel comfortable. and like at home », said Carević.

They note that taking into account the fact that the municipality of Budva has over 50 percent share in the total tourist traffic, and taking into account the importance of the Sea Dance festival for the Montenegrin tourism economy and promotion of Montenegro, the Government of Montenegro set aside 200,000 euros to supported the Festival for multiple benefits.

On the other hand, the Municipality of Budva will support the organization with 300,000 and it will sign an Annex to the contract with the organizers.

“We remind you that visitors cannot access festivals without confirmation that 14 days have passed since the complete vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours, a rapid antigen test — BAT not older than 48 hours, a positive PCR test result that is older than 14 and not older than 90 days or a positive result of a serological test — IgG antibodies, which is not older than 90 days ", concludes the statement of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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