The season is booming, but so is the gray economy

Veliki Pijesak is extremely attractive to tourists from the surrounding countries this tourist season.

Tourist representatives say that they do not remember when there were as many guests in August as this summer. Almost all accommodation capacities are full, there is no free bed. Tourists are generally satisfied with the accommodation, stating that the prices correspond to the quality, Dan writes.

However, as the number of tourist visits grows, so does the gray economy in the field of tourism.

Non-registration of accommodation capacities, guests, non-payment of sojourn tax are just some of the ways in which we try to achieve extra profit. The budget and tourism workers who abide by the law are at a loss. According to one of the legal publishers of the rooms, in such a large scale of the gray economy in the field of tourism, the criteria are being lost and the quality of the tourist service is falling.

«For days now, no free bed has been found on the Great Sands. The guests have come, although they have been met with many problems here, even those that recur over the years. There are no inspections, and if they come, instead of those without accommodation approval they control legal homeowners. There is powerlessness in this area, „he says, noting that a particular problem is that most homeowners have not reported their capacity to rent.

Insiders claim that there are currently over 20,000 tourists on Veliki Pijesak, but very few registered beds.

“For example, only in the first line to the sea there are over 1,000 beds. Losses in the budget both at the state and local level, due to illegal publishers and unregistered tourists, can be measured in tens of thousands of euros. And so it has been for years,» said the dissatisfied. tourist representatives.

The director of the Tourist Organization, Emil Kukalj, says that as of July this year, the sojourn tax in the amount of 192,000 euros was collected, and that the collection is 300 times higher than in 2020.

By the way, according to the data of the competent Secretariat, only 43 solutions for private accommodation have been issued in Veliki Pijesak this year.

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