Attention FRAUDERS came to Montenegro.

I ask you to read each one to protect yourself and your loved ones from such a situation.

I have not seen such a well-thought-out fraud scheme, where you give money yourself.One user of the site contacted today (asked confidentially)

IMPORTANT! There are no payments for the item on our site. It would seem, knowing this, one could brush it off and say that we do not accept any payments and then the client decides the issue himself. In order to understand what was wrong, I asked to inform about what kind of product we are talking about. To which, in response, I was thrown off the link Those who have long been in Montenegro know what this domain looks like. But this is not him. By clicking on the link, I see a familiar logo, design, page style. The domain remains the same. I was surprised that the client's phone number is automatically registered. The photo, allegedly of an advertisement, was taken from my website.

I decided to check the page, as strong doubts crept in. I click on the logo and wonder, I find myself on the original site, which is different and the domain is completely different.

I go back to the page and look at the full link, usually the goods or orders are placed in order. I change the last digit by one less value and magic, there is a transfer to a completely different foreign OLX site.

I go back to the fraudulent page, click on the button and get to another page. There you need to enter the card data, ALL DATA. Never do that. In fact, this is placing an order in an online store, where the minimum payment amount is 100 euros, although they write 35 euros on the button.

Seeing this alignment, they said that nothing could be entered. Unfortunately, the user entered the data, fortunately there was no need for the amount on the card, which made him contact us.

I decided to find out where they traded according to this scheme, whether this person sits on the territory of Montenegro or not. Requested correspondence to help identify the entire fraud scheme and mechanism. The user agreed to give in order to inform others and they did not fall for this. We did not manage to find out where they are engaged in this fishery. The scammers wrote on WhatsApp.

The bottom line is this. If they started to engage in this activity in Montenegro, then they will continue.

I hope with this post, we will be able to secure and prevent as many cases of fraud as possible.

Remember, we communicate directly between the buyer and the seller. We do not take any money for the goods.

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Since in Russia this type of fraud has gained widespread momentum. And I figured out the person, his data, place of residence, card details, phone number. Having written a statement to the police, I received an answer that they could not attract a person, for lack of corpus delicti. Draw conclusions, take care of your bank card data.

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