You are not obliged to pay the bill without the QR code

The QR code on the invoice is a necessary confirmation that the tax has been paid. Without it, you are not obliged to pay the issued bill, said the Minister of Finance and Social Welfare, Milojko Spajić.

The Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare announced that they are working harder on a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of issuing fiscalized invoices with a QR code.

«We are at the peak of a very successful tourist season in Montenegro. Tourism is one of the largest sources of income for our country. This year, those revenues are even more important for our recovery after the catastrophic 2020. Caterers and entrepreneurs who are fiscalized when they collect the bill, they pay taxes — from which we as the Government have more money to invest in roads, health, education and social welfare. By not reporting taxes, they steal from you, the citizens, and harm everyone. The QR code on the invoice is a necessary confirmation that the tax has been paid. Without him, you are not obliged to pay the issued invoice, „said Minister Spajić in a statement on the occasion of the beginning of the campaign.

Advertising material has been placed all over Montenegro, and members of the Police Administration are handing out leaflets to tourists entering Montenegro informing them that they are not obliged to pay for services and products for which they have not received a fiscalized invoice.

The ministry states that the goal of the campaign is to raise the awareness of citizens and tourists about the importance of electronic fiscalization / invoicing and proper tax reporting, but also to encourage them to report any irregularities. Irregularities and non-issuance of fiscalized invoices can be reported to the Revenue and Customs Administration in 19707, as well as through the web portal

“The Law on Fiscalization in the Trade of Products and Services entered into force on August 7, 2019, and the implementation, after several delays, definitely began on June 1. The fiscalization project followed the trends of technological development, and the main goal is to issue all cash and non-cash invoices are recorded in the Revenue and Customs Administration's database in real time. In addition to record revenues in July, according to preliminary data from the Ministry, it is necessary to introduce additional tax discipline and raise awareness of the importance of issuing and obtaining fiscalized invoices. » it is stated in the announcement.

The ministry points out that proper reporting and settlement of tax obligations is the basis for the recovery of Montenegrin public finances and the economy.

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