They protect parking spaces with plastic cones and metal ramps

It is not uncommon for car owners in Budva to take the law into their own hands in order to save parking spaces in front of their buildings for themselves or their guests.

Improper parking is a frequent occurrence on the streets of Budva, especially in the height of the tourist season, when there are over 70,000 tourists in our municipality, and many citizens in order to save space for their car, illegally fence public areas in various ways. They place chairs, metal chains, bottles, plastic cones, improvised ramps, metal posts with padlocks on the sidewalks ...

The problem of occupying public areas is present in all parts of the city, especially in the streets where residential buildings have been built on the plots of former family houses. This has led to a significant increase in the number of cars, and a lack of parking spaces.

We asked the authorities, is this way of occupying a public area in accordance with the Law on Communal Order?

The Budva Communal Inspection and the police warn that this way of occupying public areas is a practice that is not desirable and appeal to the citizens not to occupy public areas without the approval of the competent authority.

«Otherwise, it will bear the legal consequences for this type of violation. The selection of the Executive Service is expected in the near future, which will remove the mentioned obstacles from public areas on the order of the Communal Police,» they told the RTV Budva portal from this municipal service.

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