How to sell faster?

To raise

By prioritizing your ads, you move them to the top of your ad listing on a similar topic.

This is a convenient way to attract the attention of portal visitors to your offer.

Be the first on the list and be the leader in the number of views.


The ad is highlighted in yellow while it is being posted on the site.

Standing out your ad is a way to stand out and stand out from your neighbors.

The ad will not be lost among others due to its bright color.


By pinning an ad, you raise it to the top of the list of ads with similar topics for 7 days.

- 10 times more views

- 5 times more responses

- the sale is made much faster


Mark your ad as urgent until you sell your item.

- You attract more attention, which means you get more reviews

- The announcement becomes visible among other offers

Ova usluga prikazuje oglas u Premium oglasnom bloku.
Na glavnoj stranici veb stranice ovaj blok je predstavljen kao klizač i može sadržati do 30 oglasa.

Na stranicama kategorija, blok se nalazi desno od liste oglasa.

"Turbo sale" package

Do you want to sell a product / service as soon as possible? Then this suggestion is for you:

- Download ads for 14 days

- The ad is valid for 14 days

- Mark "Urgent" for 14 days.

- Raises in the tape 14 times

- Highlighting the ad in a different color for 14 days

- Fixing ads in the first positions for 14 days

Submit a new ad and make it noticeable Add an advert

Приведение в порядок магазина поднимает его на первое место в списке магазинов на 5 дней.

- в 10 раз больше просмотров

- в 5 раз больше ответов 


The store is highlighted with a yellow background for a period of 7 days.

Making a store stand out is a great way to make it stand out and stand out against the backdrop of a nearby store.

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