Welcome to our new platform! 

We will be glad if you are interested in investment cooperation with our project. 
It's no secret that the fastest growing business area today is & ndash; these are IT projects, and in particular маркетплейсы. A striking example of the successful implementation of such a project in Russia is the popular Avito platform. Its cost today is estimated at $ 4 billion. 
The creators of Avito initially built a business model, which can be expanded to adjacent segments of the IT market, thanks to which we have achieved great success.
«Internet ad model — best cache generator. This model also works well during a crisis: the secondary market is developing more intensively than in calm times.».
We offer the opportunity to invest in a startup that will later become a leader in sales and services in Montenegro – a country with huge development potential in the Russian-speaking segment.
To enter the project, investments are considered starting from 15,000 euros, it is possible to receive & nbsp; in several tranches. General planned attraction of investment in the project – up to 100,000 euros.
In a year, it is expected to receive tangible income from the project.
This payback is possible thanks to structured work in the following areas:
·       Competent promotion of ads on the site
·       Banner advertising 
·       Working with shops and industries
·       Working with real estate developers – from mass to elite
·       Work with private individuals – sellers, landlords of real estate
·       Work in the field of cars and all types of motor technology
·       Working with the most significant niches of sales and services for consumers.
About the project 
Project goals SALEme:
·       Assistance in the sale of almost any product by an individual within a few days
·       Minimizing the role of intermediaries in the acquisition of goods and services
·       Creation of a single recognizable platform where residents and guests of Montenegro can sell and buy a product or service
·       The ability to open an online store in 5 minutes, at no additional cost
If you are interested in our project, contact us in any convenient way.


Telephone: +79265220225 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Telegram: @SALEmeCOM