For partners

 We invite partners to mutually beneficial cooperation

 Our goals are very ambitious. With the help of an internet project  SALEme we plan to take over the IT-sphere of sales of goods and services in Montenegro. Today we are laying the foundation on which a successfully working machine for scaling and capturing the spheres of Internet commerce will be built. If you are positive, energetic and ready to think on a large scale, we are waiting for you in our team. Experience of similar work in IT projects and / or an operating business in Montenegro is desirable. 
A partner can be either fully included in the project, or supervise him as a mentor, if the competencies help to grow the project to the expected scale.
If you are interested in our project, become a part of it. To do this, please provide the following information about yourself:
·       Who you are?
·       What do you do?
·       What can you do best??
·       Who do you see yourself in the project?
·       How much time are you willing to devote to the project?

Telephone: +79265220225 (Viber, WhatsApp)

Telegram: @SALEmeCOM