Current measures: from June 5 to June 18

In the gardens and on the terraces, celebrations of prom and semi-prom evenings, weddings and celebrations are allowed in the presence of up to 50 people.

This is one of the new measures that Minister Jelena Borovinić-Bojović announced on the TV Vijesti in Boje jutra and said that it would be valid for 14 days.

Excursions and excursions are allowed, up to 50 people, but with the obligation of the school to monitor compliance with epidemiological measures.

Dancing and live music are still banned inside the bar, but music is allowed via electro-acoustic devices.

It is also possible to enter without any conditions for the citizens of the member states of the European Union and Israel.

Borovinic-Bojovic said that the epidemiological situation is stable. She stated that about 30 percent of the adult population received one dose of the vaccine, and that about 20 percent of adults were fully vaccinated.

She added that the vaccine is enough, and that new deliveries are expected.

New epidemiological measures

On the recommendation of the Institute of Public Health and the Commission for the Fight against Coronavirus, the Council of the Government of Montenegro adopted new, liberalized measures that will be valid from June 5 to 18.

1) In gardens and on the terraces of catering facilities, weddings, matryoshka dinners and other private celebrations are allowed, in the presence of up to 50 people, under the same conditions as catering activities, and that catering facilities ensure that:

  • all employees and guests wear protective masks, except during the immediate consumption of beverages, after which the mask is returned to the face immediately, and during the consumption of food the mask is returned to the face immediately after the meal,
  • provide disinfectants (disinfectant gel or wet wipes) on all tables,
  • the distance between the tables should be at least two meters,
  • a maximum of four guests sit at the table,
  • work is organized, in the period from 7 am to midnight,
  • disable self-service, standing and staying in front of the bar and high tables intended for standing,
  • provide regular maintenance of hygiene and disinfection of common areas, furniture, equipment, etc., in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute,
  • provide marked places for hygienic waste disposal,
  • prohibit the performance of a music program with the participation of singers and musicians, except on the terrace / garden in the period from 20 to 23 hours,

The organizers of the prom celebrations — schools are obliged to determine the person who will be responsible for the presence of the prescribed number of people at the celebration, in addition to the responsibility of the catering facilities.

2) Excursions and excursions are allowed in Montenegro, with the organization of travel for 50 people, with the obligation of the organizer — the school to determine the person who will be responsible for the travel of the prescribed number of people and respecting valid epidemiological measures.

3) In catering facilities (inside the facility and on the terrace / garden) it is allowed to broadcast music, using electro-acoustic equipment (instruments, amplifiers and speakers, DJ parties, etc.), as well as broadcasting music / music program via music and acoustic devices. and electroacoustic devices, without the possibility of playing and dancing guests.

Live music inside restaurants is still banned.

4) Citizens of EU member states and Israel are allowed unconditional entry into Montenegro, which previously applies to citizens of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

We remind you that the proposed measures will be applied from June 5 to 18, 2021.

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