Dabović: Ulcinj is in the epicenter of regional tourism, although there is no cooperation with the Government

Dabović: Ulcinj is in the epicenter of regional tourism, although there is no cooperation with the Government

This year, the municipality of Ulcinj is in the epicenter of not only Montenegrin, but also regional tourism, which is the result of promotion and intensive work of local authorities.

«This summer season in our city has exceeded the record year of 2019 in terms of the number of tourists, and we are waiting with optimism and counting on a good post-season,» said the President of the Municipality of Ulcinj, Aleksandar Dabović.

He announced the realization of several important projects by the end of the year, such as arranging and valorizing micro-locations in the city, new lighting from Stoja to Ada Bojana, construction of a sewerage network and several exclusively locally funded projects that will significantly improve citizens' lives and tourists.

The President of the Municipality of Ulcinj emphasized that despite several attempts and initiatives by local authorities, cooperation with the Government was lacking.

«The government did not listen to the needs of the citizens of Ulcinj, so it abolished the item for the construction of a cinema hall in our city, despite the fact that the project was done last year, the tender was completed, the contract with the contractor was signed and all other necessary conditions were met,» Dabovic said. .

However, he announced that, regardless of the fact that there is no support from the Government in this project, the city administration will start its realization through the local budget in September.

Dabović believes that it is important that the Law on Elimination of the Consequences of Confiscation of Property was adopted, which, as he pointed out, is a logical sequence after a long series of procedures that preceded it. He also reminded that PUP Ulcinj in 2017 enabled Maslinada to be placed under special protection, and especially by banning further construction and devastation of space.

«The municipality of Ulcinj financed the opening and construction of roads through Maslinada and is at the disposal of its fellow citizens for all the help from its competencies,» he said.

In the end, he expressed concern over the fact that despite the pompous news that the land had been returned to its former owners, the gate at the entrance was still half-open and under constant guard by several members of the Montenegrin Army.

«So much about the sincere intentions to return the space to the people of Ulcinj,» concluded the mayor Aleksandar Dabović.

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