The Public Invitation for the selection of users of business zones

The Public Invitation for the selection of users of business zones and the allocation of plots for the construction of facilities in business zones has been completed, by collecting bids.

Capital: A step closer to creating new jobs in business zones

As it was announced from the PG bureau, 17 applications were received at the address of the Capital, which is an additional confirmation that Podgorica represents an attractive business environment, with dynamic development and competitive investment policies.

«Future investors have at their disposal ten business zones, which cover an area of 3,328,000 m2, from Tuški put to the turnoff to the Golubovci airport. payment of annual rent of 0.01 EUR / m2, the possibility of buying land at an estimated value with the possibility of repayment in 60 monthly installments, and also reduced the fee for utility equipment, as well as exemption from paying the fee for the use of municipal roads for a period of 10 years », it was announced from the PG Bureau.

This investment project will contribute to the financial development of Podgorica and Montenegro, and provide new jobs and significant revenues for the City.

They remind that business zones are planned for the following activities: agricultural and agro-industry, processing and wood industry, professional and technical activities, showrooms and warehouses, garages and parking lots, as well as catering and accommodation.

The scoring criteria are: the planned number of new employees, the value of the investment, the deadline for the realization of the investment, as well as environmental protection. The capital, guided by the protection of public interests, will choose credible partners based on these criteria, and companies that are not financially stable could not participate in the public call, as well as those who do not regularly pay their debts to the state or have final convictions for business crimes. .

The public opening of bids will be held on August 30, 2021, at 10 am, in the premises of the Capital (Njegoševa ulica No. 20, Podgorica).

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