Russian citizens remain the largest buyers of real estate in Montenegro

In the first nine months of this year, foreign citizens and companies invested a total of 599.86 million euros in business in Montenegro, which is 93.07 million more than at the same time last year, and 63.18 million euros less than the whole of 2019. .

In addition, new preliminary data from the Central Bank of Montenegro show that the outflow of funds from foreign investors amounted to EUR 247.63 million, so the current net amount of FDI is EUR 352.23 million.

From the beginning of the year to the end of September, 118.6 million euros were invested in companies and banks, intercompany debt — ie loans that local companies received from parent companies abroad amounted to 231.23 million, and other investments amounted to 65.77 million. euros.

However, special attention should be paid to the growth trend of real estate investments: according to these data, foreigners gave as much as 184.26 million euros for them, which is already the highest amount on an annual level since 2014.

Of the 55 countries for which the investments of their citizens in Montenegro are specified, 14 of them exceeded the total amount of ten million euros, another 25 have more than one million euros, while investments from the countries on the list are collectively 10, 52 million.

Russia, Malta, Serbia…

As in the previous period, at the top of the list of countries from which the most FDI arrived from January to the end of September is Russia with 95.56 million euros. This means that their citizens invested almost 13 million euros during the ninth month alone. Of that, the largest amount — 37.94 million euros — refers to real estate bought by their citizens in Montenegro, followed by the so-called intercompany debt of 30.21 million, and 27.17 million euros were invested in local companies and banks.

The second among investors is still Malta, with the same amount as at the end of August of 70.35 million euros, which is almost entirely made up of intercompany debt of 70.19 million euros.

Serbia is third on the list and the investments of their citizens increased from 53.34 million to 59.4 million euros in a month. Here, too, the largest part is the purchase of real estate in Montenegro, for which 27.53 million was allocated, while an additional 24.58 million euros were invested in companies and banks, and 5.02 million is intercompany debt.

In fourth place is Italy, from which a total of 50.34 million arrived, and where 45.38 million euros — or nine million more than at the end of August — were marked as confidential information on investments of up to three investors in domestic companies and banks.

The fifth is Switzerland with 45.47 million euros, where out of the total amount, as much as 26.12 million euros represents intercompany debt.

They are followed by citizens of Germany with total investments worth 24.78 million euros, the United States with 24.15 million, the United Arab Emirates with 22.22, Turkey with 19.92, and Azerbaijan with 17.47 million euros. More than ten million were also invested by citizens of Austria — specifically 12.61 million, Cyprus 11.96 million, Bosnia and Herzegovina 11.71 million and Great Britain 10.28 million euros.

When it comes to other countries in the region, investments of 8.78 million euros arrived from Slovenia, 7.83 million from Croatia, five million from Kosovo, 2.99 million from Albania, and 1.09 million euros from Northern Macedonia.

Among the countries whose citizens have invested between one and ten million euros are Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, China, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Monaco, Ireland, Australia, Egypt, Denmark and South Africa.

Real estates

In the first ten months, more than ten million euros for real estate in Montenegro were invested by citizens of five countries, and another 17 have invested more than one million euros in this sector.

Out of 184.26 million euros, which is the value of all sold real estate in Montenegro from the beginning of the year to the end of September, the most money was given by the citizens of Russia — 37.94 million euros. This means that during September, they spent 6.48 million on real estate alone. Serbia increased its stake by more than fourm euros, bringing the total to 27.53m euros.

They are followed by German citizens with 18.07 million invested in real estate, or 6.7 million more than at the end of August. 12.8 and 11.18 million euros, respectively, were invested from the USA and Switzerland. Citizens of Great Britain, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria gave between three and six million for real estate.

U dokumentu CBCG u ovom segmentu su kao povjerljivi označeni podaci o investicijama iz 20 zemalja, jer se odnose na najviše tri kompanije.

In the period from the beginning of January to the end of September this year, Montenegrin citizens withdrew a total of 65.77 million euros to our country. Most of the money arrived in the form of intercompany debt, 51.8 million, which is ten million euros more than at the end of August.

With the reduction of capital in foreign banks and companies, 13.01 million arrived, and the inflow from the sale of real estate that Montenegrin citizens have abroad is another 863,308.99 euros.

We remind you that most investments from foreign countries in Montenegro came back in 2009 — as much as 1.244 billion euros, then in 2018 858.11 million, and a year later 778.52 million euros. When outflows from the country are deducted from the total investments, the highest net investments were registered in 2009, namely 1.066 billion euros, followed by 2015 with 619.27 million, and even further 2008 with 581.95 million euros.

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